Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Camera Never Lies

It used to be an old maxim; "the camera never lies."

That's certainly not the case any mores. CGI effects and photo-shopping can make the utterly imaginary come convincingly to life on screen and in print. The motto of the photographic camera might have been 'it never lies,' but the philosophy of the digital camera could equally be 'you can't believe your eyes.'

The philosophy of Jacques magazine is simple; we want our pictures to look real. That's why, unlike other mainstream men's magazines, we never shoot our pictures digitally. We use photographic film for every shot, and never airbrush, retouch or alter our pictures in any way.

In addition to giving the illustrations in Jacques a very unique look and feel, it serves to keep them authentic. Each image immortalizes a real moment - a real girl and how she really appeared. It's that ideal which makes Jacques magazine so special.

Of course, there are some who'll prefer the airbrushed, unrealistic mannequins portrayed in modern magazines - but for those who are looking for the genuine article, we think they'll find exactly what they're searching for withing the pages of Jacques.

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